Rates & Booking


** Rates increase each year beginning of December for the new season

Camping AccommodationPrice
River Camp 1 - Each hut with a double and 2 single beds 
Week NightsR2000 per night or less if less than 7 guests
Weekends (2 Nights)R7000 per River Camp for all huts (24 Guests)
Long Weekends (3 Nights)R8500 for all huts at River Camp 1
River Camp 2 - Allows camping for more guests 
Week NightsR2000 per night or less if less than 7 guests
Weekends (2 Nights)For all huts (Sleeps 16) + 10 more allowed to camp with
Long Weekends (3 Nights)R8500 for all huts (sleeps 16) + 10 more allowed to camp with

** Minimum 2 nights on normal weekends.
** Minimum 3 nights on long weekends.


Accommodation Specials


Two Fun Months 25% discount on all weekend bookings in February and August each year!
Two Friendly Winter Months50% discount on all new weekend bookings in June and July each year!
Book both River Camps on a weekend10% discount on the accommodation


Service Options


Top bedding availableR10 per bedR40 per bed
Cleaning of dishesR10 pp / dayR500 per River Camp per 2 night weekend
SaladsR20 pp per salad
Farewell DishesR300 per River Camp


About Keys & Payments Overnight Guests

As you arrive on the farm, please follow the River Camps sign. No need to pick up a key, the Camp will be open. Please let us know at +27 (0) 82 895 7951 if you need assistance with anything else.

We do not have office hours on the farm, but we are available on the mobile all the time. Please settle all bills two days before arrival by EFT or at the latest a day before departure in cash please. We do not have card facilities.


Important Information To All Overnight Guests

We provide rain water for drinking purposes at the River Camps. We do not drink the water in the taps. If you want to, bring bottled water along.
Please see to your children who cannot swim. We have lots of water features all around on the farm.
Breede Escape does not accept any responsibility for the safety of persons who cannot swim or are under the influence of alcohol.
Persons under the influence of alcohol or who cannot swim are not allowed on the Kayaks, the Jokky or in the River.
Kayaks at the river: they easily float away in the river; please hook them in after use. We provide ropes with hooks.
Paddles: Please take the paddles out of the river completely after use and put them back in the lapa area.
Life Jackets are available. Please phone us at +27 (0) 82 895 7951 or +27 (0) 82 611 4012 if you need them.
We do not allow any music at the river camps. This is a strict rule.
The hot water at the River Camps is gas operated. Please let us know if your water is cold.
Feel free to contact us 24 hours if you need to, although we do not have office hours on the farm.

Please note that the level of the river varies all the time. The river at the camps are very deep most of the time however. Please discuss the safety issues with us before paddling or swimming. Safety First!